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Overlord Addon Challenge Pack Picture
( Created: 2017-10-10 )
Challenge Pack
Type Map
Size 34.11 MB
Description Get 7 great new Multiplayer maps to play against your friends and foes. Select them from your Multiplayer (or if you’ve downloaded it, Split Screen) option and enjoy! Plus, start a New Game to experience Legendary difficulty mode. You will need to use all your minion managing and tactical skills to win under these bad-ass circumstances. Are you Overlord enough?
Overlord Addon Raising Hell Picture
( Created: 2017-10-10 )
Raising Hell
Type Expansion
Size 688.09 MB
Description Your rise as the Overlord reborn has sent shivers through the very fabric of the cosmos – and in your conquered lands gateways are opening … Defeat the first Hero and gain access to the first Raising Hell Abyss and hours of new single player story. As you progress you’ll uncover unique armor and weapons, all new minion upgrades and the toughest ever Dungeon Challenges! IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM GNARL: Master, if you are close to completing Overlord you will have to defeat the final corrupted heroes for the first Abyss to become active.
Overlord Addon Split Screen Pack Picture
( Created: 2017-10-10 )
Split Screen Pack
Type Mode
Size 28.84 MB
Description Download this free update to play head-to-head in the great new Split Screen mode (you’ll need two controllers). Plus a new Survival map – Rocky Race, in which you’ll have to escape from an advancing Super Rock Giant!. Select as you would another map and enjoy!