Blue Dragon
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Blue Dragon Addon Ultra Hard Mod Picture
( Created: 2017-10-11 )
Ultra Hard Mod
Type Mode
Size 380 KB
Description The Ultra Hard Mod adds three new features to Blue Dragon. New Game Plus is a game mode that allows you to start your game over using a saved game from near the end of Blue Dragon. The Hard game mode allows you to play at a difficulty level that is twice as high as the original. The Impossible game mode is the ultimate in difficulty and is meant to be played starting at Level 50 or higher.
Blue Dragon Addon 6 Treasures - Package of 6 Handy Items Picture
( Created: 2017-10-11 )
6 Treasures - Package of 6 Handy Items
Type Equipment
Size 380 KB
Description A brand new shipment of fresh items has arrived: Nothing Glasses, Spring Breeze Kerchief, Devee Phonograph, Whimsical Heart, Master Thief Manual, and Shuffle Helmet. All six items are waiting to be explored!
Blue Dragon Addon Shuffle Dungeon Picture
( Created: 2017-10-11 )
Shuffle Dungeon
Type Expansion
Size 19.12 MB
Description Shuffle Dungeon has arrived! This new content features a mysterious dungeon that changes every time you enter. Along with more than 30 new items, powerful monsters, and more than 10 new hard-to-beat bosses, there are certainly some challenges in store for you! Are you up for it? (Recommended Starting Level: 50 or higher. Supports Hard and Impossible game modes.) Note that you will need to be near the end of the game, and have saved that game, in order to enter a Warp Cube to Shuffle Dungeon.