Thrillville: Off the Rails
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Thrillville: Off the Rails Addon Thrillville: Booster Pack Picture
( Created: 2017-10-11 )
Thrillville: Booster Pack
Type Expansion
Size 35.15 MB
Description All-new levels for three of your favorite minigames on Thrillville: Off the Rails! Think you’ve mastered Stunt Rider? Think again! Rev up for these 10 new levels -- each more fiendish than the last. Bandito Chinchilla’s fists of fury are also back for more brawlicious action. This time arch-nemesis Vengo Vico has brought on hordes of his best minions to take you on. Battle your way to the top of the tower and take on Vico himself. And when you're done there, round it out with three classic Thrillville original Entertainer tracks playable for the first time ever on Xbox 360: “Emo Skater Girl," “Loop It," and the award-winning “Dr. Kunkle’s Funnkel Cake." All new levels in the Booster Pack are playable in Off the Rails' Party Play!