Unreal Tournament 3
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Unreal Tournament 3 Addon Map Pack Picture
( Created: 2017-10-02 )
Map Pack
Type Map
Size 82.1 MB
Description Download the first official bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3 and expand your game with three new maps that cover the full spectrum of environments and play styles. Morbias is the deathmatch arena that started it all, perfectly suited for anything from small intense duels to chaotic free-for-all matches. The Unreal Tournament classic, Facing worlds was one of the most played maps in gaming history. This beloved sniper map makes its return alongside an intricate new capture the flag map, Searchlight, designed for both z-axis rooftop runs and strategic indoor gameplay. Returning classics and fresh new designs let you experience Unreal gaming like never before.
Unreal Tournament 3 Addon Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack Picture
( Created: 2017-10-02 )
Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack
Type Expansion
Size 552 MB
Description The Titan pack is a free bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3 packed with nearly a full game’s worth of content. It includes 16 new environments for your fragging pleasure and two new playable characters. Test your skills against human opponents or AI controlled bots in two new game modes, Greed and Betrayal, and crush your enemies as a 30-foot tall Behemoth using the Titan mutator. Sneak up on unsuspecting foes in the new Stealthbender vehicle, and use it to deploy the new X-Ray field and Link Generator, or pulverize your opponents with the new Eradicator Cannon artillery or the Stinger turret.