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Development Updates
Date User Subject Description
2018-01-29 three_33 Backlog & New 'features' Added to backlog for covers, trophies, achievements & partials addons. Straighten some tiny markup things. Added Debug menu option... this is really me, but I don't care if visitors see it either. Added Development Todos to Updates Section. This won't be public forever, especially as we switch site hosting, formats & and add user accounts.
2017-06-06 three_33 Fixes and ads. Corrected search. The search was producing duplicate results, resulting in a longer search time. I decided to start putting ads back on the website. This will be a slow process. I don't like the idea of over doing ads, and I want to make their location feels as organic as possible. This means that I will want specific markup to accommodate for ad locations.
2017-04-20 three_33 Backlog, Front-end & Back-end. Performed backlog, including games covers, expanded information, addons and trophies/achievements. Made some things look a little prettier. Added breadcrumbs, and some small features that will temporarily break some mobile formats. Updated database to include alternate names. Updated search to pull games based on regular titles and alternate titles. This has slowed down the search a bit, but that'll be fixed over time. Moving to associate link backlog and adding capacity for game technical information.
2016-11-21 three_33 Back-end & Front-end Updates Sorry, this post is a long time coming, but I've been lazy about creating it... I completely overhauled the back-end. I also re-wrote the front-end from scratch, including bootstrap. I have also added new features and pages. I am currently doing backlog, and then will move the site to a development platform, so updates will no longer need to be made live. Thanks peoples, who continue to come around.
2016-04-28 three_33 Backlog Updates We have finished backlog of existing games and their expanded information. We are currently cleaning up the database and considering adding additional games. We aren't sure, but we will be adding game from additional first and second generation consoles or console games per peripherals.
2016-04-07 three_33 Backlog Updates Over the last two months we did backlog. This includes Games, some expanded information about them, trophies, acvhievements, covers, etc.. There is on more section to complete, then we will be moving to expanding our database tables to include more information pertaining to games and acheivements / trophies.
2016-02-11 three_33 Mobile Updates Completed mobile updates, as far as was originally intended. Our mobile layout is bare bones, but functions. It'll remain here until we get more content, and we can add more bells and whistles.
2016-02-11 three_33 Markup Updates Completed intended markup sweep of the site. These updates are mostly intended for non-mobile or non-tablet devices. There are a few sections of the site that were left undone, but they'll remain that way until I do a second markup sweep later down the road. Around that time I'll be implementing a markup template system, as well as markdown. I will be wrapping up markup for mobiles devices over the next few days, and then tackle some of the wonky things left over that affect tablets.
2016-02-03 three_33 Mobile Updates Started development on mobile layout. You can the see the biggest changes on 'Games' page & 'Games Display.'
2016-02-01 three_33 Updates Section Hugely altered Updates page. Removed all recently created/updated portions since they are now in their own respective sections. Added statistics and page updates. Will shortly make 'Games' the front page again.
Development Todos
Date User Subject Description
2018-04-19 three_33 Collect reward headers for DLC. We currently use the addon image for header if there are trophies or achievements for DLC. In most cases there should be a pre-existing header for these games. We should use them rather than the add-on image.
2018-01-31 three_33 Add multiple editions Created a table to track games that have multiple physical editions
2018-01-29 three_33 Cross platform/game music addons Figure out a good way to handle music game's massive library of music.
Game with associated problem
2018-01-29 three_33 Cross platform addons Figure out a good way to handle and store cross platform addons.
Game with associated problem
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
2018-01-29 three_33 Expand Debug Updates existing tests, add new tests.

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